5 Best Packaging Designs 2021 UK


The utilization of cigarette boxes is getting a lot of attention, just like the use of cigarettes all over the world. These packages have a number of appealing designs and shapes that can increase the worth of a product. They are flexible, and it is easy to get them in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Quality printing options that they provide allow brands to get their unique and enticing graphical presentations. They are easy to purchase because of their easy availability and low prices. It is easy to manufacture them as well because of their common paper materials like kraft, cardboard, and bux board. These papers also help brands to utilize the product protection that these boxes offer. They are recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable, which is why they do not cause any pollution to the environment.

Cigarettes are products that have emerging industries and sales in all parts of the world. This extensive use is making the brands think about presentations of these items. For this purpose, it is hard to find any other solution better than cigarette boxes. The flexible properties that they have are the reasons why they have a huge base of sizes, shapes, and designs. They also hold remarkable printing surfaces of high-resolution results. In short, getting appealing designs out of them is easy. In the coming year, give are some elegant design ideas that will help you achieve customer attraction.

Plain and simple

While designing any presentation for products, do not forget about the simplicity. A perfect box design is one that is easy to understand, appealing for eyes, and has graceful nature. This is why make sure that you are going with a minimal approach when getting custom cigarette packs. Distraction in designs can drive the audience away from products. In this minimal design, the selection of color scheme is an important process. You need to consider those colors that have low-saturation natures. Utilization of finishing like embossing or debossing in inducing these colors to the surface of the box can also be an attractive choice. By using these techniques, you can fulfill the printing requirements of your packaging. The best thing about these designs is that they are not that complex, and users can easily handle them

Dark and vibrant appearance

In order to give custom cigarette boxes elite and engaging looks, the utilization of dark and vibrant appearances is the perfect option. Competition among brands is becoming very extensive these days. Using this designing approach will surely place any brand on the top of the list. For implementing these appearances, the selection of combinations of dark colors is important. This combination can be of any appearance if it is matching the requirements of product and brand relation. You can go with dark textures and edges that will glorify the text between them. For this purpose utilization of digital printing is impressive, It supports PMS and CMYK color models, so it is easy to give your packaging dark and graceful touch with this technique. Utilization of this approach will make it easy for the users to find out your products even in the crowd of others.

Classic designs

A cigarette is a very old and well-known product all over the world. People are very picky about the brands from which they buy these items. They often go with the quality that they provide. However, without attractive and distinctive packaging, it is hard for any brand to attract customers. Going with a classic approach while designing a cigarette box is a fine way to increase sales. In this regard, vintage designs are perfect solutions. In vintage designs, a product tells its audience the unique characteristics about it without going with advanced textures. For this purpose, offset printing is the best option because it provides a PMS color model. Brands can utilize it to format classic layouts and design patterns and attract their target audience. Colors in this approach are not that high-saturated. However, even in vintage format, this design is capable of sending the items straight to the heart of the consumer.

Multi-structural shapes

Graphical presentations on the surface of boxes are necessary. But in engagement with consumers, the shape of the box is also very considerable. The reason why cigarette brands are purchasing cigarette boxes wholesale in bulk quantities is because of the flexibility that they offer. They have a wide range of shapes and dimensions. Brands are going for multi-purpose designs because of their inspiring nature. Suppose that you need to deliver several packs of cigarettes to your customer. Now, if you are sending them individually, it will consume higher costs, and it will be hard for the customer to handle all of them. In multi-structural designs, you can put these packs in separate paper layers or portions. For acquiring this design, all you need to do is to place some inserts in the box, or you can go with the addition of cardboard paper layers.

Interactive fonts

Printing of details on packaging solutions is very common. These details can be about the product inside or the brand that manufactures those items. But this printing requires an interactive and engaging font that can easily convey the actual message or story of the brand and products to the audience. Some of the most interactive fonts are Calibri, time new Romans, and Arial. The best thing about them is that they are not that bold and not that thick either. So while printing details with them, they will not show mixed-up results on the surface of the box. Make sure that the fonts on the surface of the box are readable and engaging. Consideration and sensible thinking are required while utilizing them for the printing of your cigarette packaging.

Having unique and attractive designs in packaging solutions is necessary. Without the factor of attraction, products will never come into the consideration of customers. However, these ideas regarding cigarette boxes will surely help you achieve the attention of your target audience. Implementation of these ideas is easy on these packages is because of the effective nature of these solutions regarding customization and personalization.

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