5 Important Tips for Traveling by Motorcycle


One of the best experiences when traveling is to do it on a motorcycle, the feeling of freedom and the possibility of stopping anywhere without inconvenience is fascinating, but it is one thing to ride a motorcycle through the city and quite another to submit to long tours.

There are many recommendations to consider, but today let’s discuss 5 important tips that will be quite useful while travelling by moto. With these tips we believe that you can have a great, safe and unforgettable experience.

First of all, plan the route well

Before embarking on the trip, it is necessary to establish the route well. You should divide it into stages and calculate in detail the distances, times and fuel consumption. It is not convenient to leave any of these factors to chance, since adventure is one thing and quite another to be in needless trouble.

The experience is also very different if we make the journey on our own or rented motorcycle. Both options have their pros and cons. We know our own motorcycle better and we know how it responds. On the other hand, hitting it many kilometers can devalue it for a future sale in the second-hand market.

When you’re planning your trip, on paper six or seven hours may not seem like a long time. It is quite a different thing when you have been riding for five years on the motorcycle. It’s especially important in case you haven’t had long trips by motorcycle. It is highly recommended to establish a previous training a few weeks before the trip. You can go to ride the motorcycle in times not less than 45 minutes a day (the more the better) to get used to it well.

Second, pay attention to the equipment

It is not enough to carry our motorcycle full of accessories and luxuries, the most important thing is to have the necessary clothing to keep our integrity safe: helmet, gloves, boots, jacket and pants.

What’s more important is to use them when we are on board. Lots of times we lower the warning signs when we arrive at our destination, or because of the heat or the conditions of the route, gloves or even the helmet are not used, this should not be an excuse, the more accidents happen unexpectedly.

Especially when it comes to helmets, you should not only carefully select the helmet that fits you best, but also it’s recommended to consider using different useful devices such as motorcycle intercom systems, motorcycle bluetooth headsets, GPS, etc. These devices will allow you to make calls, listen to music, communicate with the passenger and/or other motorcyclists (in case you travel in company). This will allow you to have the GPS available in front of you and all this without taking your eyes off the road and keeping the focus on riding.

These innovative technologies will definitely make your traveling much safer and more comfortable.

The weather is another important factor to pay attention to. You must be prepared to face extreme cold and excessive heat, without ever neglecting safety. Having a raincoat and a good coat can make you have a good and pleasant experience in the worst of weather conditions.

Bring chargers, portable recharging batteries and cables, keep your mobile phone for minutes and share your location with those close to you so they are aware of any news.

Third, time to time you should have rest

Before and during our journey it is necessary to have a rest. Keep in mind that we are not facing a time competition. So you can stop for coffee and stretching can change the result between suffering a bad pass during the journey or enjoying the road.

Forth, consider having lights for the road

Before going on a trip, always make sure that you have all the essentials with you. Few garments and fast drying. If you have to make a really long trip, use octopuses and properly tied, preventing turbulence from affecting riding. Besides, in the worst case, these can prevent causing our luggage to fall on the road. Finally, keep your important motorcycle and personal documents close at hand.  This way, you won’t have to remove all your luggage every time you need one. Bring basic tools and plastic ties.

Fifth, full fuel tank

A lot of fantastic places and between mountains are fabulous, the downside is that they lack service stations to supply fuel. So fill the tank whenever you can and, especially, when you are going to go to an area far from civilization.

Sixth, do not run

Sometimes, people may have the wrong idea of a motorcycle trip. The best thing is not to fight against other road actors, or to assume the super curves lying down, or to get the maximum speed from the motorcycle, not even the landscapes, hotels or restaurants. That’s easy. Caution, respect, anticipation, coldness, decision, distrust… These are words, yes, but let’s not forget them when we ride a motorcycle.

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