8 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Mother to Put A Bright Spot on Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is around the corner, and the situation is not as such that you could go out and celebrate the day with her. You cannot step out for her gift or book a table in her favourite restaurant because the pandemic is making it difficult for the entire world.

Well, that doesn’t mean that you cannot celebrate the day with your mom at home. You might not be able to go to market, but you could certainly order a gift online or go the DIY route to make her day special. Here are a few suggestions of gifts that you could get your hands-on easily and let your mom know her importance in your life.

  1. Get Her A Star

This could be the most unique gift you could get your mom. All you need to do is hop on the internet and search for a legitimate website authorized to name the stars. You have to pay a bit, and they will name a star in your mother’s name. They will also send the certificate and the picture of the star home, certifying that a star has been assigned to your mom. What are you waiting for? Get going!

  1. Order Her A Cake

Order a Mother’s Day special cake for your mom from any leading online bakery and get them to place a picture of you two together on the top. You can send them any image of your like. A sweet slice of scrumptious photo cake in her favourite flavour will definitely make her day.

  1. Whip Up A Hand Lotion

You could easily curate a hand lotion at home using the ingredients readily available in the kitchen, garden or closet. You can search the process online. Don’t forget to put it in a convenient bottle and put her name on it. She will be moved that you took it upon you to gift her something natural and made out of love.

  1. Curate A Handmade Jewellery

All you will be needing are some beads, old clothes, needles, thread and colors. It could be easily found at your home. You can create a bead bracelet or a necklace with some old ones. You can easily find the method on the internet once you decide what it is that you want to make. You can add her favourite colors in the creation to add flair to your gift.

  1. Create A Journal

Pick up an unused journal in the home and fill up some of the pages with the quotes, past incidents that showed her love to you or iterate the reasons why you love her. You can put all these suggestions in the journal and decorate it with pictures, Polaroids, old tokens such as a movie ticket or a note or cute things such as buttons. You can also use craft paper and level up the beauty of the journal. Don’t forget to put in some watercolors or gouache colors if you are good with them.

  1. Write Her A Letter

Use your penmanship to write a letter to her that she could always look at whenever she is upset or going through some stress or challenging situations. Don’t worry about the excellent handwriting; just focus on the emotions that you want to convey to her. Remember, she will treasure this letter forever and will be one of her most cherished gifts, so shower her with some sweet love accordingly.

  1. Gift Her A Book

A good book could take you around the world while sitting in your room. Gift her a thoughtful book that could make her life better if she is into the fiction genre, then pick one of her favourite writers and let her indulge in some good ol’ reading for some time. She will feel thankful for this gift and will love the fact that you know her favourite writer. It shows that you care about her choices.

  1. A Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is considered a token of good luck and prosperity. It also induces a sense of calm in the space it sits. Gift her one to let her know that you always want the best for her. Pair it with some scented candles so that she could enjoy some time in peace while reading a book, listening to music or just scrolling through her phone.

  1. Give her a Gift Basket

Make your gift basket by collecting a few small gifts. You can put gifts in a basket in a unique way. If you know about your mother’s design collection, then you can put that idea on the basket. She will be happy to see a beautiful basket full of gifts.

In addition to the above ideas, you can make your gifts. This Mother’s Day, make a special Mother’s Day gift for Mom. As you prepare Mother’s Day gifts from the heart, you can make your gifts and home decor or shop for home goods at Shutterfly. Knowing that you added a special personal touch just for her, such as a card or something to match her home decor, would make her feel valued and appreciated.

Tell me which ideas you like the most in the comments!

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