Amazing Types to Know About Fabuwood Cabinets


Fabuwood cabinets can give an attractive and are very functional look for any kitchen. You use cabinets to store your kitchen necessaries. Apart from that, kitchen cabinets are important for your kitchen design. A well-designed kitchen cabinet can change your kitchen’s look if you are renovating your kitchen and getting cabinets.

Fabuwood kitchen cabinets are one of the most popular kitchen cabinets. This high-end piece of furniture is versatile, modular, and affordable. Luxurious and practical, traditional and modern, fabuwood cabinets can meet even the most demanding homeowners, designers, and contractors’ requirements.

Without the wait that you would normally expect from a kitchen furniture manufacturer, fabuwood kitchens prove to be one of the most trusted kitchen furniture brands.

Value series cabinets in fabuwood:

The fabuwood cabinet’s series is available in different styles and colors. It offers an appearance because it is an exceptionally affordable option. These kitchens are visually exciting and built sturdy and durable.

It is Giving a rugged appearance to the kitchen; the value sets have two types; punch and reference point. These kitchens offer great value for the budget-conscious style get-together. Therefore you can upgrade these kitchens, or you can customize the look of the kitchen by adding decorative accessories. 

  1. Hallmark:

It presents a blend of high quality with exquisite styling to represent true art and tradition. This kitchen creates a beautiful environment for the financially careful or prudent buyer.

You can use the various accessories and modifications to enhance and update an attractive, stylish and sophisticated residential kitchen. It is available in cognac, brown, and pecan finishes. So, fabuwood cabinets are easy to assemble using wood glue and nails.

  1. Landmark:

The iconic series is available in two finishes, brandy and natural. It’s a great budget choice that doesn’t compromise on quality. It creates a relaxed and informal environment. Furthermore, it is built with traditional cantilever doors.

Raised veneer panel captured in solid wood tracks and slab drawer fronts. So, it allows the inherent elegance of wood to shine and can be used for homes and multi-unit projects.

Fabuwood cabinets Allure series:

The unique styles of the allure series feature solid birch stiles and rails with center panels. Preferably is the material used for painted finishes to avoid or reduce the possibility of shrinkage or cracking?

  1. Nexus:

The luxurious and graceful nexus cabinet series showcases the built-in and creates the perfect blend of traditional and trendy style. The crisp lines create a classic, uncluttered vibe.

  1. Galaxy:

The galaxy furniture series will give a refined look to the kitchen. Thanks to its smooth finish, it offers simplicity and elegance and creates an impressive minimalist masterpiece.

  1. View:

It features elaborate detailing and applied moldings. It’s a chic, transitional cabinet design that adds warmth and complexity to the kitchen. So this style is versatile and will brighten up any home.

  1. Onyx:

Onyx improves the design of the kitchen, which radiates between the transitional aspect and the elegant aspect. It will be equally elegant in modern or classic spaces.

Fabuwood cabinet layouts:

Fabuwood offers many kitchen styles, be it u-shaped, l-shaped, peninsula style, or gallery style. Choosing the right layout with the right space and then sprucing up to give a modern, traditional, or cosmopolitan look involves excellent science. So, the layout information detailed below will be valuable.

  1. U-shaped layout:

Ideal for large and small kitchens. It offers the luxury of cooking, cleaning, and storing things while providing maximum space.

This is usually the most efficient counter as it provides good space and maximum use of the area. An island embellished with fabuwood containers can be installed in the center, creating an additional workspace or a seating area inside the kitchen.

  1. L-shaped layout:

It is best suited for small to medium spaces as it is an open floor plan. Provides two walls for cabinet and counter space spacing. It can best use it by installing the cooking appliances on the shorter wall and the sink on the longer wall with the refrigerator at the end of the wall.

However, the island or the table can also be installed in such an environment making it chicer and more contemporary.

  1. Layout of the peninsula:

For the desperate need for an island in the kitchen but little space, you can opt for the peninsula layout. It is similar to the kitchen island, but one side is attached to the wall. It allows you to take advantage of all the convenience that an island offers by giving more space and storage on the counter. In addition to cooking enthusiasts, this peninsula layout offers a working triangle with nearby appliances.

Furthermore, it is also the best way to separate the kitchen from the living room and offers an open space concept.

  1. Gallery layout:

The gallery layout offers a two-walled cabinet/counter installed in parallel. The work area has a way to move around. Everything is available close to efficient use of space. Therefore, it is suitable for kitchen space.

Fabuwood cabinet styles:

Selecting cabinets that enhance the aesthetic you are trying to achieve essential. So, they are the most visible aspect of the kitchen space. Since installing new kitchen cabinets is a big investment, that’s why you should want to get them right the first time. So, fabuwood comes in two inspiring and sophisticated furniture collections.


Fabuwood kitchen cabinets are one of the most important features of a kitchen. These are the first things a person notices once a person enters the kitchen. Therefore, it can be very difficult for people to choose fabuwood cabinetry suitable for their kitchen and make a positive impression on visitors. So, furniture has a big impact on the look of the kitchen and the owner’s budget. There are a lot of other things to look for in a kitchen cabinet besides the cabinet design

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