Best classic video games to play again


Over the years there have been some breath-taking video games. Nowadays with modern technology, the visual aspect of these games may not live up to the standards of video games today, but it’s important to appreciate these games for things such as the gameplay and story. Graphics-wise, these classics may not be as impressive graphics-wise as they used to be, but you should remember that they revolutionised the industry. The most immersive way to play these games is for sure on a large wall mounted TV. Click here for TV wall mounting services. Without further ado, here are some of the best classic video games to revisit!

Far Cry 3

This game has to be a fan favourite, especially considering a lot of the other instalments in the Far Cry series most definitely haven’t lived up to it since. It’s almost hard to believe how long ago this video game was released. It’s a massive open-world survival game with one of the most brilliant stories we have seen in video games in general! In the game, you and your friends go on vacation to a fictional island having the best time of their lives. When they decide to go skydiving everything goes south, they unknowingly land on an island occupied by dangerous pirates and are planned to be sold into slavery. You play as Jason Brody at the start of the game. After you escape the camp and witness the death of your brother, you go on a mission to find your friends and girlfriend. Along the way Jason gets caught up in the action and becomes a very skilled warrior, he even begins to enjoy the journey. To see the least, Jason ends up knee-deep in trouble with a lot of dangerous people. The gameplay never gets old, you can choose from countless different weapons to fit your play style and make your own choices to give you a very personalised experience. Far cry three is without a question of the best classic video games to play again, some would even call it one of the best video games ever made.

Batman – Arkham Asylum

If you are a fan of Batman – Arkham City, and Batman – Arkham Knight, then it might be a good idea to go back and revisit where it all started! This game is a masterpiece from top to bottom, some would even call it a horror game due to how scary some of the characters and environments are! If you are familiar with the character Batman, you’ll know that Arkham Asylum is where all of the most dangerous villains of Gotham are kept captive. After capturing the joker and bringing him to the asylum, he soon breaks free, and batman is tasked with capturing him again. As the joker starts to let different villains loose in the asylum, Batman uses his detective skills to put a stop to the chaos. The combat system in this game holds up really well after all these years, a lot of what players enjoy about this game is the stealth aspect of it. There are multiple ways to complete each level which keeps things fresh if you are thinking about coming back to enjoy the game once more. It wouldn’t be an unpopular opinion at all to claim that Batman – Arkham Asylum is one of the best classic video games made for old-gen consoles.

Call of duty 4 – Modern Warfare

Call of duty 4 has to be without a doubt one of the best video classic video games to go back and revisit. Sometimes it might not seem like the best idea to go back and play old video games due to their old graphics, but this won’t be a problem! You can now experience COD 4 all over again with brand new visuals in the remastered version. This game introduced a wide variety of our favourite characters into the franchise such as price and soap. This brilliant FPS really paved the way for call of duty in both the single-player aspect and multiplayer aspects. When it comes to multiplayer, many players still regularly play the game! This means that you probably won’t have much trouble finding a match which is always a good thing.

Skate 3

Now you might not have been expecting this one, although we definitely feel it deserves a place on this list. Considering there hasn’t even been a remastered version of this game and it still has loyal players to this day really shows its influence in gaming. As you can probably tell, Skate 3 is a skating game. Although, it’s not any old skating game. The flow and feel of Skate 3 is absolutely unmatched, it may not be 100% realistic but that’s exactly what fans love about it. Skate three has a massive open world to be used as your playground where you can complete challenges or have a good laugh with your friends. Until skate 4 is released many people will be playing this game every single day! There are countless tricks to master and unlimited fun to be had.

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