Designing Future: Leading 2021 UI/UX Design Trends


To be able to deliver the best UI UX design services, it is essential for web designers to stay updated with the latest web design and development trends, skills, and technologies.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the UI UX web design best practices that you should be implementing in 2021 to look your website professional, attractive and user friendly at the same time, So what are you waiting for let’s get started.

Following are the Web Design Trends in 2021

We have discussed the best web design trends in this article that are given below, read full article to explore the design trends.

Subtle Animations

This trend has been making headlines for a while now. Especially, when the brand or their website is representing products/services that are rather bland from a design perspective. Subtle animations help in lifting otherwise dry web pages in a very simple and engaging manner.

Balance is the key in this Ui and UX design trend. Making sure that it is subtle and is not too in your face or too dull. InvoZone’s homepage shows subtlety in action. It uses simple yet modern graphics to add vitality to an otherwise very predictable homepage design.

Webify is a fully customizable HTML website template that allows you to create subtle landing pages, carousel sliders and, CSS3 animations. It’s a great place to get started with your website. You can also get help from professional UI UX design services to design your website.


This UI UX design trend is all about using design elements that look like how they would in real life. Examples of neuromorphic design include the interface of the calculator on your computer or the floppy disc used as a save icon on the Microsoft Word app. This design boasts realism by combining familiar user interface design and the use of highlights & shadows.


Large images

Looks like size does matter in 2021. Be it background, banner, or the main feature, large images are being used on almost all pages of the websites and web and mobile applications.

Take the example of HelloPlayful. Fullscreen video fills the screen and scrolling down will have images stretch across the homepage to bring attention to their different projects.

If you are into this style, check out Speckyboy’s large image web design templates. It allows you to combine large imagery and minimalistic design to enhance the website’s aesthetic



Breaking the Rules

2021 is about breaking the rules. In order to stand out from the crowd, the UI UX design services you provide should be one of a kind. Be its asymmetrical layout, a combo of big and small fonts, unorthodox color choice, there’s no cap to what UI UX designers can & cannot do in web design and development. Just like what you see in the example below.


This design takes a very in-your-face approach and turns into something aesthetically chaotic yet intriguing.

Designmodo templates give you access to such asymmetrical web designs. Combining asymmetry with a brutal attack of colors and fonts.

Variable Fonts

Who knew fonts could as important as the rest of the UI UX design elements but in 2021, they are!

This trend takes typography customization to the next level. They are in, giving designers the liberty to play around with a range of options within a single font. Aspects such as spacing, weight, and width can be manipulated to achieve the best look font design for your website.


Take Soulcraft Typeface, for instance. The font in it is similar to those found on street signs or walls and has this quirky feel to it. Resulting in a dynamic look & feel. When combined with one of the other UI/UX web design trends on the list, such as subtle animations, it could be a head-turner.

Try the variable font style by Olafur Arnalds.

Is Web Design a good career in 2021?

Yes, it is. Let’s get that out of the way.

Some of you might be thinking, oh well, everybody is doing it and with web design and development tools like Wix and innovations such Artificial Intelligence, are designers going to be relevant in the future? Here are a few reasons why it is the best time for you to get into this field.


COVID is changing everything

The pandemic has, in a sense, induced a lot of change and shift in almost every walk of life. So how is COVID-19 impacting a web designer?

Firstly, businesses around the world are coming to terms with the importance of going online. Whether you have a bakery, a gym, or a restaurant, website is a core need of your business now. This shift in business operations is creating a huge demand for UI/UX designers.

The second major change is work for home (WFH). This has opened so many new possibilities. One of the major ones being, not staying restricted to local designers. Companies can now access designers from around the world from platforms like Behance and Dribble, and access a diverse set of talent. Which means it is going to be better than ever to be a remote designer.

Design Differentiation

It is not about who has the best brick-and-mortar shop or restaurant anymore. In the future, it’s all going to be about a sound digital presence and businesses now understand that. In an era where everyone has a food and grocery app, a healthcare website, or any other eCommerce website, differentiation is the key to long-term success.

One way to achieve that is through a unique website design. They would need to communicate things like what the brand is about? Why is it more premium than others? And if you want to charge high premiums, you will need to justify through your web design and services. Companies will be required to design better websites and that means more work for web designers.

The companies and UI/UX designers who will adopt new trends, skills and technologies will be miles ahead of those who don’t.

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