Find the TOP10 list of useful skin care products. Do you like any one on the list?


Korean skin care products have always been sought after by us. Do you know which skin care products Koreans find useful?

Innisfree small green bottle

This small green bottle is quite hot, I don’t know if you have used it, anyway, it is my unlimited repurchase model, the essential essence of northern winter moisturizing! The color of the bottle body is light green, which is quite small and fresh. The press-on design of the bottle mouth is particularly convenient. The texture is relatively thick, but it is easy to wipe off and is not greasy at all. Don’t worry about this, and it smells good. The faint smell of green tea, I will buy it back almost every year, and girls who have never used it can try it.

Defei Perilla Lotion

Youpi’s mother, known as the cheap version of Cosme, focuses on refreshing oil control, moisturizing, and shrinking pores, and its ingredients include perilla leaf extract. You can check how good its moisturizing and suppressing oxygen effect is. You must buy it. I usually pat the whole face with water first, then apply partial moisturizing, and then apply lotion. The texture of the water is a bit like essence water. The upper face is very refreshing, and it is absorbed in one shot. The texture of the milk is light and will not be sticky when pushed away And heavy, the skin feels OK! Get Amazon Discount  Code NHS and  Amazon UK Discount Code

Dream makeup blackhead facial essence

I first heard about this brand from my sister. The Mengzhuang lotion she used, I don’t remember exactly which set, and it feels pretty easy to use, so last year I started with Mengzhuang’s cleansing The double star ampoule essence, because the pores on my nose and cheeks are a bit serious, so I started with this. Its texture is pure liquid, with a touch of gel, which is easy to absorb. When I use it at night, I feel acne marks when I wake up in the morning. It’s small (haha, I don’t know if it’s my illusion), anyway, I think the effect is pretty good.

Whoo Weather Dan Water Milk Set

Everyone must have heard of this brand. It belongs to the top Korean palace skin care products. The packaging design is very luxurious. It is very suitable for personal use or as a gift. Therefore, the price is not cheap and a bit expensive. I decided to buy it after a long time by my friend Amway. , Because my face is dry and peeled as soon as I change the season. This is really suitable for my dry skin. After I wake up in the morning and use it, I don’t feel dry all day. After I use it in the evening, I wake up and touch my face the next day. If you are still moisturized, don’t follow the trend of skin care products. The best for yourself is the best. ! Boden voucher code 25 off

Yisi Red Ginseng Snail Water Milk

This water lotion is a favorite of light mature skin. The 25-year-old lady will start to pay attention to anti-aging products. If you can’t afford the big brands, you can try this cheap lotion. This Water emulsion is said to be the snail filtrate secreted by snails that eat red ginseng. With the addition of red ginseng extract, it is particularly good for nourishing the skin. It can promote skin regeneration, repair the skin, increase skin elasticity, and whiten and brighten the skin!

Sulwhasoo Nourishing Muscle Lotion Set

Sulwhasoo is a high-end skin care brand in South Korea. I found out that Sulwhasoo is a high-end brand under Amore. As a large dry skin living in the north, once the season changed, my face would become red and dry. I started with Sulwhasoo on the recommendation of a friend. The moisturizing lotion set is relatively viscous and has a very good moisturizing effect. It has a light ginger flavor and is more suitable for use in autumn and winter. It is not recommended for acne-prone skin. Argos Coupon Code

Laneige Brightening Vitamin C Cream

Lange, which belongs to the same brand as Sulwhasoo, is also one of my favorite brands. Lange is a mid-to-low-end product, and the price is fairly low. I often use Lanzhi’s isolation. I think it’s super easy to use. Huanliang Vitamin C Cream, a small bottle, the bottle is very cute, it smells too good after opening, the light orange taste, the creamy texture, the application is very smooth, it is easy to absorb, and it is not sticky at all. And it also has a whitening effect. Anyway, I feel that my skin becomes brighter after using it. I still have to stick to it to see the effect.

The face shop rice milk lotion set

Many students should have used this brand. A pure natural skin care cheap brand in South Korea, it is too friendly for the student party. When I was in college, I used the rice water lotion set from The Face Shop. The effect is very good and gentle. It is not irritating. After two days, the problem of dry skin and itchy skin has been improved, the skin condition has also become very good, the moisturizing effect is very good, and it does not dry at all after using it, the student party don’t hesitate to enter!

Natural Paradise Aloe Gel

Does the name sound unfamiliar, but you must have used its aloe vera gel, which is naturally free of additives, and will not cause any damage or irritation to the skin. The skin appears red and dehydrated, dry and sensitive, and constant acne. It can solve all the problems of dull skin, transparent gel texture, light and easy to absorb, and you can have a large capacity of 300ml for more than 30 yuan, the price is too high, and it is suitable for all ages, it can be used!

AHC B5 Water Milk Set

Finally, I will introduce the Korean brand AHC. This is a water lotion set I recently used. I bought it while doing activities. It was very cheap. I also bought AHC eye cream by the way. I think this lotion is pretty easy to use. , It is very suitable for dry skin, very moisturizing, not greasy at all, and has a good stability and calming effect. The beauty of this set of water milk is also very nice, I think it is quite advanced, but the bottles of water and milk are exactly the same, every time they are distinguished by the English letters above, hahaha.

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