IPTV Is the Future and IPTV App Development Services Help You Latch On to Revenues


IPTV is nothing new but it is now gaining traction with the expected 5G set to boost its use. IPTV is the future and now is the time for ISPs and other services to latch on to a profitable, revenue generating channel by engaging IPTV apps development services to rope in users and keep them engaged.

Android powering IPTV growth

There is no doubt that Android catalyzes growth of IPTV. Android has over 75% market share and it is no coincidence that it is now set to play a key role in powering IPTV. Even as far back as 2010 Google launched Google TV which was followed up by the more successful Chromecast in 2013, leading to sale of 55 million dongles. The successor was Android TV through Lollipop that brought to the front the big screen TV experience. Oreo brought in refinement by way of Operator Tier flavor version that enabled operators to deliver live TV through STBs. Over 100 payTV operators latched on to it and it is being used by millions of subscribers across the world. With IPTV apps solutions developed by IPTV app development services you can refine and monetize streaming. It is made easier by the fact that most TVs feature IP and wi-fi.

Apple is not behind and Amazon too offers strong competition, further intensifying interest in IPTV.

Different types of IPTV – huge potential

IPTV has built in convenience and a lot more features than cable or satellite TV. You have different types of IPTV such as

  • Video on demand in which subscribers can, through the app, access and watch just about any type of video
  • Time-shifted TV is a great boon for working people who may miss out on their favorite shows.
  • A serial, for instance, may be broadcast at noon whereas a watcher may want to watch it at 10 PM. IPTV makes it possible.
  • IPTV also offers live streaming of sports, music, theatre and just about any event.

The greatest attraction for subscribers is they can watch shows on their mobiles or cast it to large screen TVs and that such shows need not have commercials interrupting the show. Another attraction is that while satellite TV broadcasts may suffer due to adverse weather, IPTV does not.  This generation and the future prefer to watch streamed content as is evinced by the popularity of Netflix and Hulu. Now is the time for IPTV and broadband services providers to get in on the ground floor and launch their own IPTV services. Get the best IPTV apps solutions from top IPTV apps development services.

IPTV app development is not simple

You need expert IPTV app development services because it is not as simple as it looks. A basic app just supports M3U and XSPF playlist with backend UDP proxy support to let users pick streams and play. It can have refinements such as connection to set top box and facility to auto start, store lists and filter channels. There is more to IPTV app development because it involves a range of services:

  • Use of OTT transcoder, IPTV middleware and Media server
  • Inclusion of features like timeshift, DRM, Catchup and nPVR
  • Integrating existing systems through APIs
  • Storage and encryption
  • Authorization, subscription management
  • Integration with devices like smart TVs, set top boxes
  • Specific expertise in codecs, compression techniques to ensure jitter-free video and minimum use of bandwidth

The developer you pick must be thoroughly conversant with ITU-T recommendations on IPTV multi-cast frameworks in order to develop apps that work without flaws. Familiarity with multicast domain management, access control, delivery control functions, overlay network and interoperability are basic to developing apps that satisfy stringent requirements and work as desired. The IPTV app also needs to work in tandem with IPTV software in the backend. In short, you would examine credentials of IPTV app development services with great care to know they are fully capable. IPTV is the future and a lot will depend on the app to generate user engagement and revenues.

A typical IPTV app development process

There are dozens of apps with more or less similar functionalities but what you need is a custom app with your branding and features that appeal to users to keep them glued to you. A typical process would entail:

Ideation: There are several possibilities in IPTV app development and connected work such as middleware and backend. This is where it helps to think things through by ideation and consulting. Experts with experience can certainly help you conceive the process much better.

Design: Design is not just the front end. It is also architecting the app to work fluidly, be user friendly and have plenty of features without slowing down. The IPTV app development service you choose will have a team to develop a design and keep refining it for looks and usability.

Agile: Even once you decide on a “final” design ideas will occur to you and to developers. Agile development of IPTV app helps you to shift and add refinements as work and test progress.

Admin control: app users have their own permissions and facilities to set up the app and select content. Service providers too need full CMS support inclusion so you can manage and control content within the app besides sending out push notifications to customers.

IPTV is the future

User preferences and behaviors have changed and control is what they desire the most instead of having to adhere to schedules or cable TV and satellite TV operators. Freedom to choose is another factor. IPTV permits users two-way communication and management of content they wish to view. Quality is far better than what satellite or cable networks offer. Full HD is minimum acceptable, especially for movies. As far back as 2015 the number of IPTV subscribers exceeded users of TV and satellite TV users. Between 2015 and 2018 there has been a growth of 23% in this segment and IPTV revenues are expected to exceed $ 5.77 billion by the end of 2021. Grab a slice of this pie by engaging IPTV development services to come up with apps and the complete setup for your ISP service

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