Is Cloud Server Hosting Suitable for SMEs And Startups?


When you come up with a startup idea, you want everything to be perfect. The innovative idea of your startup needs an exceptional hosting solution to support its growing needs. The only factor you might lack is the ability to spend.

Here comes a cloud server in India at your rescue. While building a startup, cloud infrastructure will help you in coordinating with all the members irrespective of their geographical location. So now startups can set the infrastructure on—demand and keep the capital to be invested into multiple business aspects.

Brief about cloud hosting

Cloud hosting refers to the computing services such as software, database, storage, networking, etc. By using the cloud services. Cloud service providers in India take pride in the flexibility of the resources and with the agility, it makes things available. The cloud platform has proven successful for startups, small to medium businesses, and even bigger organizations.

Deployment models of cloud computing are as follows-

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud

Service models of cloud computing are as follows-

  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS)
  • Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)
  • Serverless computing

The servers are connected to the internet and cloud leases it out in the form of software or application service. Such services also include web hosting, data sharing, and software or application-based usage.

Importance of cloud infrastructure for startups

Now you know enough about the concept behind cloud hosting. But how it can benefit your startup is the real concern.

Starting with a completely new venture is a risky business. Every year as per the statistics, only 5% of startups survive and the rest gets dissolved in the middle. To be in that 5% you need a smart and reasonable approach. Cloud hosting or cloud technology helps a lot in mitigating these risks.

Here are some major problems that a startup might face-

  • Low capital
  • Geographical location of teams
  • Instability among the teams

Now let’s see how cloud server hosting will benefit your startup-

  1. Lesser expenditure– A cloud hosting model does not ask for out-of-the-box resources or bigger investments. The whole setup of cloud infrastructure is easy to use and does not allow unnecessary investments. Hence, with a cloud server in India, it is not difficult to start your dream idea with a minimum budget.

Top-notch data securityCloud service providers in India keep data security as their topmost priority. The cloud platform is designed with such services and technologies that protect your data from all kinds of risks. It locates your data at multiple locations with the help of reliable servers. It further eases out the process of taking regular backups and snapshots.

  1. Fast service– Another name for cloud server hosting can be speedy service. The access to IT resources is just a few clicks away. Thus, the time that was wasted in resource provisioning can now be put into the core business processes. This will lead to a more flexible organization and smooth operations.
  2. Unparallel scalability – There is no other platform other than the cloud that can guarantee this level of scalability. Cloud hosting adjusts the number of resources and allows the rest of them where there is a dire need for it. Such salability will make your startup more flexible and efficient.

The website starts to crash when there is an unprecedented increase in the number of visitors in some days. It happens with other kinds of hosting as they are not able to maintain the bandwidth demands. But cloud server hosting does not let your website crash by managing everything in advance. It has the provision for auto-scaling that expands or shrinks the infrastructure as per the demands and workloads.

  1. Ubiquitous access– The most celebrated feature of cloud server hosting is that regardless of the location you and your team members will get access. So now, project data can be accessed at any time of the day and from anywhere. Other than location, there is no issue with the type of operating system or device with which you are trying to access.

Selection of the right cloud service providers in India

Selection of the most appropriate cloud service provider in India can be tricky and exhausting at times. As most of them will overwhelm you with the number of services they provide. But when you starting new in the market you must be extra careful. For this, you need to evaluate their service offerings, certifications, and technologies of all the cloud service providers around you.

Before this, it is equally important to review your own set of needs and expectations from your cloud service provider. Although there are big brands like Microsoft, Amazon, etc. saturating the cloud market. But sometimes the smaller brands can offer a more customized and tailored service offering.

Summary– All in all cloud infrastructure is quite efficient for startups. It helps in reducing the expenses, increasing safety, scaling up the resources, and much more. But you have all the right to put up your doubts forward. We will try to answer all your doubts and come up with a solution.

So don’t sit back and contact us for any of your cloud-related queries and kick start your startup.

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