Top 10 Website Development Trends in 2021 that Every Business Should be Aware of


As new technologies are invading this world with innovation, web development faces exponential progress, leading to web-based mobile applications and dynamic websites. There are many possibilities associated with website development and its trends in the year 2021 and beyond. Programmers are adopting new tools to enhance their development experience, which ultimately reflects in the fast and improved web product building.

In the competitive digital arena, startups face many challenges to make their positions strong in the market. For that, they go after the latest trends to gain an edge in competition. Having the chief web development company on board can lead to a successful web product based on the ongoing and latest market trends.

Latest 2021 Web Development Trends to Follow

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web applications or PWA is setting new heights in the web arena. These web-based applications contain features like interactive web, offline functionality, responsive web, and more. The experience is very similar to any traditional mobile application. JavaScript, CSS, and HTML are the programming technologies that PWA uses to bring web applications.

PWA is often admired because of its offline functioning. Consider Google Maps example, where you can navigate the streets and get directions without internet connectivity. Businesses can also use a similar concept for their web apps. They have to use browser cache to save some static files there and, after that, a logic building to attain those files when a user asks for it via a web app.

The attention that PWA is gaining over the years is tremendous. Companies that focus on a mobile-first approach can do the same thing with PWA. Whether it is a desktop system or a mobile, it functions very well on both devices.

Single-Page Applications

Single-page apps bring everything in one place, so users do not have to wait or switch.

The user feels annoyed when each click drives to the new webpage and gets download from the server. It is time-consuming and does not impact the user experience in a good way. Well, a single-page app (SPA) solves this issue. SPA is the web development approach that cuts down the long server interaction. Including optimized page loading performance, it offers high-level data privacy.

Without the need for page reloading, SPA operates inside the browser territory during usage. You interact with SPA applications nearly daily. Facebook, Gmail, GitHub, Google Maps are some of them.

Frameworks based on JavaScript are on the rise, and for loading the content, SPA utilizes this language. The probability of this trend vanishes way too low. Moreover, users get spontaneous feedback with these apps without waiting too long.

Dark User Interface

Started on the mobile applications, the dark mode has found its ways in the web development services. Companies are now offering light and dark versions in their web products. Dark themes are very comfortable and relaxing to the eyes. Along with beautifying the interface, it increases the light color content visibility blended in the dark shades. On AMOLED screens, it also tends to save battery life by turning off or dimming the pixels where black or dark colors are present. Dark themes are the cool and aesthetic touch to the interfaces and enhance the overall user experience.

After the dark mode adoption by Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and other popular platforms, it has now become the latest development trend that everyone is following.

Performing Search with Voice Commands

Searching via voice is the 2021 prominent web development trend. The graph of this technology is rising on both vertical and horizontal sides. People nowadays love to interact with their Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa. Some have started to incorporate voice search functionality in their digital products, but it is expected that more will do the same in coming years.

Artificial Intelligence

AI makes the website’s user experience much more personalized by providing the information relevant to them. AI lets the website gather the user’s data when they step into the website. The system then processes the collected data and provides the desired results. The synergy of AI with websites can fulfill the companies and its users’ needs much more effectively and smartly. $190.61 billion is the value researchers predict that AI global market will reach by the year 2025.

Responsive and Interactive Elements

Websites with responsive and interactive web elements attract users. They love these kinds of components on web pages. Interactive features serve as the website’s backbone with the addition of human touch.

However, the integration and implementation of the interactive elements is challenging but has beneficial outcomes. As the trend is emerging, new tools and processes are aiding the development process and optimizing the costs related to it.

Today, most of the searches occur via mobile devices. Having a responsive and mobile-friendly website becomes a significant idea. It will allow the companies to reach their targeted audience on a wide scale.

Web Assembly

Web Assembly (Wasm) is developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It is the binary instruction format in portable form. For achieving high performance in web applications, we use Web Assembly to compile high-level language. The developers’ preference over (Wasm) is because it can compile the code into bytecode in any programming language.


With the rise of digital reliance, data breaches and hacking attempts are also rising. The need for robust cybersecurity solutions is high in demand because of that. Hackers and bad actors are some of the biggest threats to digital businesses and the workspace. Tech news sharing sites often publish reports of companies who faced hackers and were defeated badly. Along with the great website, today’s web development also requires attention on the security side to make your website a safer place to visit for users.

Internet of Things

IoT devices like intelligent bands have gained significant importance over the years. It has a phenomenal impact on health tracking and industrial automation. We expect to see the websites in the coming days which would be able to capture data from IoT devices.

Motion Design

Following minimalism is the trend today, and motion design is accompanying this trend very successfully. It gains the user’s attention with its sophisticated design patterns. With motion design, elements like charts, pop-ups, smooth scroll, page header transitions, pull-down menu can be implemented. All these factors will bring the joy feeling to the user side and help companies make their websites appear on top.

Developer can apply motion design with AMP without compromising on the download speed.

Key Takeaway

Trends come and fade away so fast that chasing all of them is so difficult. Not all trends appeared today. Some are there for a long time and seem to stay for an extended period.

Adopting the latest trends, tools, and technologies only counts to provide a quality user experience. Everything is subject to change one day. If not today, then tomorrow for sure. If you want to enhance your web products, then adopting modern web development trends is a perfect plan to pursue.

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