What are the advantages of battery-powered tools for gardening?


The cordless versus corded tool debate is never-ending. Both types of tools have their advantages and disadvantages. Battery-powered tools tend to be better for gardening, where it’s difficult to access plug sockets. Cordless tools are used by professional gardeners, landscapers and at-home DIYers.

Cordless tools reduce the risk of an accident and injury. There are no cables lying around, so operators are far less likely to trip and fall. There is also a much larger working radius because the tool isn’t tethered to a plug socket. Battery-powered tools require minimal maintenance when stored and used properly. They are much better for the environment and your health because they cut down on harmful emissions. The only downside is that you may have to stop working on charging the tool now and then. You can always have a coffee break while it charges.

Let’s take a closer look at the best cordless tools for gardeners and landscapers.


Every gardener needs a lawnmower. Battery-operated mowers are perfect for those with a much larger garden without any outdoor plug sockets. You don’t need to worry about running over the cable and electrocuting yourself, either. You can push the mower around the garden and keep your grass perfectly trimmed.


A trimmer will keep the edge of your grass neat and tidy. Similar to a lawnmower, a cordless trimmer is more practical for bigger gardens. The battery-powered trimmer is also quiet, so you can work without your ears ringing.

Hedge trimmer

You need to cut your hedge a few times every year. You can use hedge trimmers to keep the traditional square shape or mix it up with an intricate shape. Cordless hedge trimmers are much easier to manoeuvre – especially if you worry about cutting the cord. You can shear shrubs, evergreen hedges and overgrown lawns with the trimmer.


Clearing up autumn leaves is one of the worst gardening jobs. The leaves get slimy and mushed into the lawn or caught in the freshly pruned shrubbery. You need an electric leaf blower to pick up the leaves and remove them from your garden. The electric model is much more powerful so that you can clear all of the leaves in your garden.

Some blowers will chop up the leaves and reduce them to 90% of their original size. You can add the chopped leaves to your compost heap and enjoy a much tidier garden. Say goodbye to brushing the leaves away into a plastic bag for hours on end, and hello to your new electric blower.

You should start investing in a few power tools so you can make the most out of your garden.

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