Why Live Shopping is Vital for Building a Brand?


In this digital age, brands should know who their market is. They are also required to create personas, ensure an active presence, and build a community for their consumers. Brands need to develop a relationship between themselves and their buyers in a manner that goes beyond transactional.

Brands used to rely on traditional modes to promote their product over the years: TV, newspapers, radio, and of course word of mouth. After this brands added billboards and collaborated with celebrities to spread the word. No matter the process, it was all about spreading the word and creating brand awareness. Live shopping is one of the recent additions to the marketer’s toolbelt. Many marketers are not sure how this technology would fit into their marketing funnel, while others just don’t think it would be a good fit.

On the other hand with the capacity to reach more audiences in a short period, many brands are using live commerce to build their brand.

It Helps Brands Connect with Their Audience

Live stream shopping allows sellers to have more memorable interactions with their buyers. Live shopping creates a platform for live and immediate customer interaction, which promotes genuine connections that an audience can have access to from the comfort of their home. Furthermore, if customers are satisfied they will share a brand’s recorded live streams if they find value in the engagement.

Reduce Marketing and Costs

Livestream e-commerce provides brands with the ability to be seen by thousands without having to pay for advertising.

Going live and hosting live stream shows requires a reliable streaming platform, a good camera phone or webcam, and you are sorted.

Bridge the Virtual and Physical worlds

Earlier there was a significant gap in streaming media technology that made live streaming out of the way for many organizations and it limited their brand expansion within the boundaries of their business’ country of origin. But with the coming of this technology, marketers can use live streaming to get their brand in front of global audiences in real-time.

Improves Brand Awareness

Live online videos can become a clear growth hack for almost any brand, as it will enable you to communicate directly with your prospects. There will be no mediocres involved. Furthermore promoting your live shopping show over social media platforms help you reach a wider audience hence improving your brand awareness and gaining more customers.

Form of Video Marketing

If you want to run video marketing campaigns then there is nothing better than live video shopping. Professionally recorded videos are extremely expensive and take an extended time to get created. Utilizing live video shopping doesn’t call for an expensive setup either.

Facilitates Transparency

Live commerce delivers a sense of authenticity that no other medium can match. Offering an in-person experience virtually can create positive feelings about your brand among customers which is critical for the growth of your brand.

Crowdsourcing Opportunities

Live shopping enables you to interact with your shoppers in real-time and you can utilize this opportunity to crowdsource ideas and conduct audience research. Obtaining feedback from your audiences will help your brand promote its offerings and thereby lead to growth.

Ways to Use Live Stream Shopping to Build a Brand

Live commerce allows for direct interaction with your buyers, unlike the traditional pre-recorded videos. So here are some of the use cases of live shopping for brands.

Brand news and announcements

Choose to go live and disclose your company updates, it appears authentic and more genuine. Product announcements or company news are a wonderful opportunity to keep in touch with your buyers, and live commerce is an impactful way to do that.

Live Interviews

Hosting live interviews can certainly raise awareness about your brand, especially if you invite influential personalities to your live shopping show. Hosting interviews lets your customers know the real side of your business.

Influencer Collaborations

Inviting influencers for hosting a live shopping show is rapidly gaining popularity, particularly since influencer marketing enables you to reach a larger and more diverse audience. Moreover, influencers and celebrities likely already know how to speak on-camera and engage with customers, so it saves your employees some stress if they don’t want to be on-camera.

Product promotion and releases

Many brands are effectively leveraging live streaming e-commerce to promote new product releases. This offers a sense of authenticity and trust into your product releases.

Additionally, when you release a product in real-time it is exciting and builds hype around the release.


You need to choose a live streaming platform that meets your goals and helps to sell live effortlessly. This way, you ensure your resources are spent well. Channelize.io live shopping solution will help you attract some new potential audiences, expand your reach and ultimately make money.

Another important factor you should consider when choosing a live commerce platform is its integration part. Our live shopping platform can easily be integrated into your existing apps and website and you can ensure you build your brand by providing the live shopping streams your consumers want.

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