5 Ways To Update Your Businesses Career Page


In order to attract new employees, your career page must be up to date. You’ll want one that shows why your business is different from others and why they should choose to work for you. Let individuals know all of the benefits they’ll get working for your company.

Even if your company is well established and everyone knows your name, you will want to make ensure your employment brand stays relevant. If you keep the same career page year after year, it will become outdated, and you’ll notice you’re no longer receiving as many applicants as you used to.

1. Focus On Future Candidates

Instead of focusing on the type of employee, you need right now, focus on the kind of employee that will help you meet your goals. Even if you don’t have a position open right now, allow them to apply for jobs that will be available in a few months. Doing this will make sure a great candidate doesn’t apply just because you don’t have the right opening for them. When the position does become available, make sure you contact them.

2.  Define The Type Of Employee You Want

Do you want someone young and fresh out of college? If you’re going to attract recent college graduates to your business, you’ll need to use the right keywords on your career site. Using a video is a way to showcase both you and your company. You don’t even have to have them professionally done. Just take a few minutes out of your day and create one.

Most companies want to hire people who intend on staying with the company long-term partially due to the expense of hiring new people. The best way to do this is by inviting them to build a career with your company. You could make sure somewhere on your career page you add something about promoting within. Or you could even throw it in your video. Perhaps someone who has been with your company for years could let them know where they started vs. where they are now.

3.  Let People Know Your Company’s Objectives

This is the time to showcase your values and allow potential applicants to know your primary purpose. They’ll understand what is essential and why it’s crucial. Showcase anything different your company has to offer that others do not.

Your values, your culture, and your benefits all make up your company’s brand. It is what makes or breaks your reputation, not only as an employer but as a company. Let’s be honest, no one wants to work for a company that has the reputation of being difficult to work for.

4.  Simple Application Process

First-year college graduates feel overwhelmed by the hiring process. A career website that is easy to navigate and has a straightforward, easy application process will ensure that you receive more applications and resumes. Many career pages you land on make the process so long and annoying that most people will just leave before finishing. Who wants to spend 10 minutes trying to answer a lot of questions and then waiting for their resume and cover letter to upload? Today’s society is just too impatient for that.

5.  Viewable On Mobile Devices

Nearly everyone is doing job searches and everything else on their smartphones. You have to make sure your entire website, including your career page, is mobile-friendly. You do not want someone coming to your site because they’re interested in your company just to leave due to it being outdated. One of the best things you can add to your page is a one-click job application.


So to sum all of this up, if you use your career page and promote your brand correctly, potential candidates will quickly determine if your company is a good fit. Advertising for employees is a thing of the past, and in order to get long-term employees, a career page that is consistently updated is your best choice.

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