6 Ways to Be Healthier and Happier This Winter

It’s that time of year again when the temperature starts to drop, and the trees start to change color and lose their leaves. Fall is a beautiful time, but it’s also the precursor to winter. Many people have a hard time toughing out winter and it can feel like the longest season of all. However, rather than give in to the winter blues, here are six ways you can be healthier and happier this winter. With these tips, you won’t have to dread the impending season.

Get Plenty of Rest

Here’s a tip that can apply to any season, because it’s that important. Making sure you get enough rest each night will allow your mind and body to recharge. This means you’ll have the energy, focus and drive to get through each day positively.

Learn the Joys of Comfort Food

Comfort food is another tip that can help winter seem much more tolerable. This is the perfect time of year to brush up on your cooking skills and make those warm hearty meals that you don’t have the time and patience for during the hot summer months.

Some great examples of recipes you can try include:

  • Vegetable and lentil soup, which is packed full of nutrients and is incredibly hearty
  • Homecooked lasagna oozing with cheese, noodles and thick layers of meat
  • Whisky and marmalade bread and butter pudding for that sweet treat
  • The ultimate homemade mac and cheese filled with fabulous flavors
  • Sausage and mash pie, simple and filling
  • Roasted chicken with root vegetables

All of these will warm the body and soul and will become your new go-tos of the season. These are also great meals to share with family and friends when entertaining.

Embrace Nose Breathing – Yes, Nose Breathing

Here’s a tip you may not think of as important, but did you know that breathing through your nose helps you to stay healthy all winter long? With winter around the corner, now is the time to start focusing on inhaling and exhaling through your nose. It has been shown to help reduce illnesses and boost your immune system among other benefits.

If you tend to be more of a mouth breather, try breathing exercises that force you to be mindful of your actions. You want to create a new habit and that takes time and focus.

Wash Your Hands Well and Often

One of the best ways to fight the typical winter germs is to make sure you wash your hands well and often. The past year and a half has taught people just how important hand hygiene is, so now is not the time to get lax about it.

Make Sure You Get Outdoors

While this tip may not seem appealing at first, the fact is that outdoor time is great for your body and mind, especially if it’s sunny out. It will give you a chance to get some much-needed vitamin D, which can be hard to get in the dead of winter. The weather can be quite comfortable as long as you dress for it. So, take stock of your outdoor winter gear now, make a list of the items you need and make sure you pick them up before the temperatures drop too much.

Socialize with Family and Friends as Much as Possible

Winter can feel like a very solitary time, with some people feeling like they are trapped indoors and alone. You mustn’t give in to these feelings and ensure you stay connected with family and friends. Technology makes staying connected easy and convenient, but it shouldn’t replace in-person gatherings.

All of these tips will help you to stay healthy and happy all winter long, making for a more enjoyable season.

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