What Is A Good Internet Speed?

It can be hard to know what a good internet speed is for your situation without knowing some basic information about your home network. It’s important to take into consideration the number of devices you plan on using at one time, as well as how many people will likely use them all at once. You can be a user of any ISP such as Spectrum Internet, Windstream Internet, AT&T internet, etc. All you need is to contact your ISP to get an appropriate internet speed according to your usage. But you must understand the internet speed before choosing it.

What Is A Good Internet Speed in Mbps?

Megabits per second are commonly abbreviated into Mbps. Mbps are units of measurement for how fast is the speed of the internet. In essence, it tells us how quickly files will be downloaded or uploaded from one place to another. To make things simpler, the greater the number of Mbps, the faster the internet.

The primary concern that should surround a consumer who is looking for a new internet service is to first see what is at his or her disposal. You need to figure out what is a good internet speed in your area and what are the options you have. Not all internet types are available everywhere and so we should only focus on the internet service provider that offers its services where we want the connection and then start from there.

The second thing you need to know is about the best internet service providers in the market and the ones with the most diverse services. One such service provider is Spectrum internet who not only has incredibly fast fiber optic internet available for its customers but also supplies internet via coaxial cable technology. The company is widely famous for providing amazing services along with having distinct features to its plans like no contracts and unlimited data.

How To Figure Out What Is A Good Internet Speed for you

As we mentioned above, the right internet speed is completely unique for each individual. One person might be a student who loves to spend his time watching movies, streaming on-demand service providers, watching live sports, online gaming, scrolling through social media, and listening latest songs on Spotify.

Such an individual tends to be a tech-savvy person and it is safe to assume that this specific individual would at least be having two or three gadgets that are demanding the internet all around the clock. The internet requirement for such an individual would obviously be quadruple that of a person who just uses the internet to stream the daily news, check their social media accounts, and maybe listen to one or two songs on YouTube.

So one should have some idea of what speed or Mbps that they need and hence go for a package that is slightly bigger than that requirement.

Below we have given easy steps to follow to figure out exactly is the speed that you need to get.

Note down the list of gadgets that will consume the internet

Individuals would often, in fact, all the time be using the devices mentioned below and so it is important to know the ones that are being used in your household.

  • Security systems: Ring, Vivint, Cameras, etc.
  • DVR’s: DISH Hopper, DRECTV Genie etc.
  • Smart Home Hubs: Anova Precision Cooker, Amazon Echo, etc.
  • Streaming Devices: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, etc.
  • Smart Appliances: Smart bulbs, smart locks, etc.
  • Gaming Consoles: PlayStations, Nintendo, Xbox, etc.
  • Mobile Devices, Laptops, Tablets, etc.
  • Other digital Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Number of people who will be using the internet

This quite possibly is the most important entity on this list. The best technique to get an estimate of the Mbps that you need is to consider 10 Mbps of speed for every individual. Keep in mind that if you compromise on this, then you should be prepared to share your bandwidth with the rest of the household.

Note the total number of people that would be using the internet and keep a close eye on that one person who is really into online gaming, that person is the one who is going to be using the internet the most.

Wrapping Up

To get the best internet connection and package, you must understand what is a good internet speed and how you can get it. We hope that with the simple steps that we have mentioned in this article you are able to get the best internet speed.

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