What to Consider When Starting a Commercial Cleaning Business


Whether you’ve already got a residential cleaning business or you’re starting from scratch, a commercial cleaning business is a great option. As a commercial cleaner, you will work in commercial areas such as offices or schools. The work you do will typically be larger scale than residential properties. Therefore, you get more work to do and more money to earn. Often, people will build a team within their commercial cleaning business to help cover larger areas. However, this is dependent on the budget and size of projects. With this in mind, what should you consider when starting a commercial cleaning business?


As with any start-up business, you have to invest your money before you start to see the rewards. Initial costs of starting up your business will include insurance, travel, equipment, and marketing expenses. If you employ staff to work for you, their wages need to get accounted for too. Whilst the expense of starting up your commercial cleaning business might feel scary, you should focus on the long-term result.


Commercial cleaning typically means you have larger areas to clean. Whether you’re working on your own or with others, you will require more equipment than a residential cleaning business. Large equipment such as vacuum cleaners, equipment trolleys, and sweeping machines are essential purchases to ensure you do a great job. Also, you must consider safety whilst you work. After you have mopped or cleaned an area it might end up slippery. So, choosing the correct warning sign, such as these, will present any danger of a slip hazard to someone walking by.


Marketing is essential when starting up your business. To gain new clients and get them booking you for work, you need to get your name out there. Marketing can be as cheap or expensive as you need it to be. If you’re working on a budget – use social media. Social media is a powerful tool to promote your work and show customers and competitors that you’re serious about what you do.

If you have a bit more to spend, consider building a website. Here customers can see the work you do and find all the information they need to book you for a job. Business cards are a great way to find new business. Use a simple template and print the amount you require. Offer them to potential clients or ask businesses if they’re happy for you to leave some on their reception desk. The more you push, the more you will reap the rewards.

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