A Growing Elderly Population Forces Some Into Caregiving Roles: 7 Challenges Currently Afflicting Family Caregivers


Caregiving has affected people all over the country, regardless of their lifestyles and incomes. With older adults living longer, their adult caregivers end up caring for their unique needs. These family caregivers often get involved in caregiving before they understand all the responsibilities. 

These caregiving responsibilities become challenging to maintain. Fortunately, agencies like 24 Hour Home Care, a top-rated provider of caregivers in Sacramento, CA, can help provide relief for challenged family care providers. When family caregivers are driven to the brink of exhaustion, a caregiving agency can be instrumental in restoring a higher quality of life for the whole family. Here are seven common challenges affecting family caregivers today. 

Emotional stress

One stressor affecting family caregivers involves their emotional state. Watching one’s family members struggle can be troubling, especially since these older adults are usually their parents, siblings, or other close family members. It can be painful to watch loved ones suffer and struggle through tasks that were once easy for them. 

Financial strain

Family caregivers can have financial struggles, even if they are good-paying jobs. Taking care of their family members takes time away from work, which reduces income. Caregiving can also be expensive as family caregivers often buy groceries, care for home repairs, and manage other expenses. 

Lack of sleep

Caregivers often lose sleep because they worry about their loved ones. Family caretakers also lose sleep because they provide care throughout the evenings. Many caregivers work entire shifts at a day job and then take care of their family members.

Social isolation

As family caregivers take care of their loved ones, they tend to lose contact with their friends outside of work. Family caregivers often become socially isolated because they spend most of their time at work or caring for their family members. 

Changing roles

The changing roles between elderly family members and caregivers can be challenging for the younger group. When children start to take care of their parents, they can develop stress and fear. While it can be rewarding to take care of family members, it can also be troubling to see loved ones begin to decline in health. 

Learning on the fly

Another struggle for family members is learning how to care for older adults. Older adults’ needs are different from those of children. People caring for seniors often need to know how to dispense medication, monitor their loved ones, and meet the needs of older adults. It can be stressful to learn as you go because you might be just a step behind where you need to be. 

Fear of failing

Family health care providers take pride in providing care for their loved ones. Because family caregivers know their loved ones best, they don’t want to fail at their jobs. These individuals often want to do everything on their own, and they don’t want to ask for help from people who know better. Prideful loved ones might be reluctant to hire a home health care provider because they don’t want to look like they’ve failed. 

Wrap up

With so many family members taking care of elderly adults, the challenges continue. Fortunately, home health care agencies can help relieve some families’ struggles. A home health care agency can bring relief rather than struggling with pride and learning on the fly. 

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