Best fantasy series on Netflix 

Sometimes all we want to do is escape reality and get immersed in a land far away, filled with dark forests and magic. And Netflix has no scarcity of such shows- so if all you want to do is forget about your day and enter a new world, keep reading for our list of the best fantasy series on Netflix.

Shadow and Bone

With the amount of hype that this show has received, it’s no surprise it’s on the top of our list. If you haven’t watched it yet, then we highly recommend that you do! This book adaptation combines the two girshaverse series by her- Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows, and it does so flawlessly. The story follows Alina Starkov, a seemingly normal person in the fictional land of Ravaka which has been divided into two by an ominous fold that is extremely difficult to cross- mostly because of the flesh-eating creatures that delve into it- and has divided the country into two.

Soon, however, Alina discovers that she is not as normal as she thought she was. She possesses the ability to not only remove the fold but also to reunite the world. When word travels through about her powers, she becomes wanted by a bunch of people- specifically Kaz Becker and his group who need to deliver her to their contractor. Exploring the underlying themes of abuse of power and corruption, Shadow and bone are packed with action, plot twists and a lot of magic!

The Witcher 

A high fantasy series on Netflix that has been adapted from the books by the same name, The Witcher has some of the most intricate plots. With an epic narrative and actors that deliver excellent performances, this show is a must-watch for all the fantasy fans out there- and don’t worry if you did not like the books, the series is, for once, better than them! The first season of the show follows three characters- Geralt of Rivia- The Witcher who works on a pay-per-job basis to kill monsters, Yennefer Vengerberg- the most powerful sorcerer and Princess Ciri- who must flee her kingdom after its attack and find Geralt at all costs.

With several side battles and quests involved that give us a deeper understanding of the characters, The Witcher is a must-watch if you like fantasy lands and battles. You can watch The Witcher for free on a TV aerial. To get one installed by professionals, click here.

Umbrella Academy

If time travel and magical powers are your things, then umbrella academy is the perfect fantasy series on Netflix for you. Set in 1989, the story starts with 43 women falling pregnant and delivering babies at the same time on the same day despite some of them not showing any signs of pregnancy earlier. Sir Reginald Hargreaves adopts seven of these children and trains them to harness their abilities and superpowers.

At the peak of their time, this team solves the crime and accomplishes becoming pretty famous. However, the team ultimately falls apart and everyone moves away. When reunited at their adoptive dad’s funeral, they discover that the world is about to end, and they have to come together to save it again.

Sweet Tooth

As sweet as its name, this fantasy series explores rich characters, plot themes and immersive world-building. The plot is narrated by the ten-year-old Gus, who is part human and part deer. Having lived his entire life in solitude with his father, this socially immature kid is filled with compassion. However, when he is forced to leave the confines of his home with his new protector, he is unprepared for what the real world has to offer- very unprepared!

The story has some of the best character bond building, with Gus connecting with kids and adults, often forming deep connections with his childish innocence. This feel-good series is a perfect escape into a magical world.

Locke and Key

Where fantasy meets a little horror, Locke and Key are as interesting as its name. With season 3 in the making, the show has done well on the video-streaming platform and has made talks around the internet. Our story starts with the murder of Mr Locke, and when no conclusion can be made out of it, the Locke siblings and their mother move into their ancestral home to escape all the rumours.

The ancestral home, funnily named The Key house, hides a lot of secrets along with a lot of keys! And these keys may be connected to their father’s murder. As their curiosity takes over and the children start exploring the house and its keys, they find out that these keys have magical powers, some good, some not so much- And when one of these awakens a demon that would do anything to get the key, it’s up to them to stop it.

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