Camping – The more sustainable way to travel

Camping is becoming more and more popular as a form of holiday. The trend is gradually going back to the source and to sustainability. It is obvious why camping is so environmentally friendly. Being out in nature all day and learning to get by with the bare essentials – that’s what makes camping a modern and popular form of holiday. For this very reason, camping is extremely popular with younger people. Above all, the high degree of freedom and light-heartedness makes this form of holiday a real all-time favourite.

What makes camping so sustainable?

If you want to go camping, you first need a suitable place to sleep. It’s easy to keep the holiday simple if you sleep in a tent. But if you don’t want to do without a bit of comfort, you can hire a campervan or build your own. Everyone knows that there is not much space available. So, you must learn to live like a minimalist. In doing so, you realise how few things you actually need to get by  in everyday life. Unlike in large hotel complexes, hardly any electricity or water is consumed when camping. If you go wild camping, you don’t even need either. Here, all the power of nature is used. That way, you learn to value what is there.

The most popular destinations

Camping holidays are possible almost all over the world, especially in Germany camping is incredibly popular. Whether on the coast or in the mountains. The only important thing to remember, however, is that wild camping is not allowed in Germany. For this reason, many people, especially the younger generation, go to the Nordic and Scandinavian countries. When wild camping, most people feel absolutely connected to nature and enjoy the freedom. The Scandinavian countries in particular offer this aspect. With eternally long roads, vast landscapes and spectacular natural phenomena and sights, the road trip here becomes a true adventure. That’s what camping is all about: The journey is the destination. However, if you prefer something a little more relaxed, you can rent a campervan and unwind at a cosy campsite. This kind of relaxation is offered above all by southern countries such as Italy or Croatia. Straight from the campervan into the sea! That’s the dream!

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