What is 3D Animation Compared to 2D Animation The Core Difference

We can distinguish a two-dimensional animated film, as examples are “Aladdin”, “The Little Mermaid” from the three-dimensional “Minions”, “Toy Story”. 3D animation is done with the help of a computer, but what is it really? You can find the answers in this article and here: https://kevurugames.com/game-animation/2d-animation-services/.

2D production differs significantly from 3D. To animate 2D, you need to be able to draw, frame by frame. 3D masters draw talent is an essential asset, but it is not necessary.

Consider the details

In 2D, draw only the first pose, which is the key, and then all the rest. A framework is needed between them. And when we are working on a character, we only need to do what is visible in the frame. If his hands are behind his back, there is no need to portray them.

This concept is one of the first significant differences between the two types of animation. When working in a three-dimensional environment, all the details of the character must be present, must be aware of them. And in two-dimensional, you only need to draw what we see, the rest simply does not exist.

This concept is a significant advantage for 3D, since the character is located in space, you can change the camera after animating the scene. In 2D, the angle changes, then you will have to redraw everything from the beginning, since the character was depicted at a certain angle.

The camera angle in 3D is taken into account, but if necessary, it can be changed in the future. 2D requires a lot of drawing, but what does it mean to animate in 3D? What does this process look like?

We have a three-dimensional model in the scene, it will be programmed taking into account all the anatomical features, controls to make it easier for the animator to work.

The model has controls in key hull positions. You can take one of them and move it, but this explains how you can move the model without animating it.

3D animation is all about graphs and curves. Mathematics and formulas are difficult to compare with the visual arts, but this will have to be done. You might be surprised if you see this, but the curves should fit across all controllers. There are several curves that correlate with the controllers, since we are working in a system with three axes. It takes an animator a long time to study the curves and graphs.

In fact, everything is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance if you start to understand it. There are many courses on this topic, where you can learn everything that will be needed in future work. You will be able to independently create 3D animations at a professional level. Now we have dealt with curves, but have not yet touched the question of creating animation.

Let us say we want the character to raise his hand. We need to go to the first frame in the timeline, then create a keyframe (this is what you need to tell the program, you want his hand to be in the right position for you at the right time). Then we move forward ten frames and move our hand up. After that, the computer will interpolate the difference between these two keyframes and generate motion.

The animator needs to repeat this process for almost all body parts on every keyframe. This work will take many hours of time. After animation, the graph editor will be the way we want it to be. Such an editor is something that artisans look at for a long time, just like 2D animators look at their drawings.

Frame frequency

The essential difference between 2D and 3D is the frame rate, and what happens when you move is preserved. In cinema, the frame rate is 24 / second. But sometimes you have to settle for 12 frames / second, the process is called “working on two” because you make changes or use a new drawing for two frames. And sometimes even less.

This is not the case for 3D. If the character does not move for a long time, it will be wrong, there are difficulties with the implementation of the “moving delay”. If you want the character to do nothing for a long time, but be alive, a moving hold is used.

Perhaps this brief overview helped to understand what the differences are between 2D and 3D, how the main processes take place.

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